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Welcome To The North Dakota School Library Wiki.

  • The purpose of the wiki pages is to inform school librarians in our state of what is happening in our profession.
  • The pages belong to everyone who works in a school library.
    You can check the wiki to get information but you can also put information on the wiki.
  • It's easy to use: just check out the "Help" link if you have not done this before.
  • You are the authors of the pages and are in charge of the upkeep. Please make changes, edits and additions you think would be helpful for all school librarians.
  • You may link your own blogs here, your own web pages and/or wiki pages , make announcements of happenings in your own library or school that would be of interest (such as author visits, book fairs, other events you think other librarians would be interested in), check on Department of Instruction Rules, check to see what continuing education courses are being offered or make suggestions for what you'd like to see offered, and so on.
  • The wiki pages will be entirely open to all subscribed librarians to edit and add, just like Wikipedia.
  • All you need to do to edit or add is to join the wiki by setting up an account.
  • Be sure to set your account up so that you get a notice when a change is made so you can check it out periodically.

These pages are the result of joint efforts by North Dakota Library Association: School Library and Youth Section and also the North Dakota Education Association: Library Media Association Section.

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