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Topic 1: Recent legislation *may create changes in current rules for library media centers and librarians, as well as other specialists such as elementary counselors.
A goal the legislature has tasked DPI to accomplish is to assess, measure assessment and report how the school has improved student achievement. Failure to show increases could result in a fine to the school. (House Bill No. 1029) DPI can make changes it deems necessary to reach this goal. Presently School Library Media Specialists are not able to show by assessment just what skills we are teaching or if we are achieving our goals. This could lower our value to DPI and therefore to schools. As SLMS we are problem solvers, so we could offer a solution if this comes up.

(*No rule changes have taken place yet and may not ever; however, there is some talk that the number of hours a SLMS needs to spend in the library may not have to be reported to DPI, which could result in fewer hours in the library.)

Question: How could SLMS show specifically that student achievement is increased through our efforts?

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